By donating to our server you help us keep it running and active, and still receive a DONATION COIN recall in the values stipulated below.

Currency and Value


1 Euro.     Reward:     3 DONATION COIN.

10 Euro.     Reward:     30 DONATION COIN.

20 Euro.     Reward:     60 DONATION COIN.

100 Euro.     Reward:     400 DONATION COIN.

300 Euro.     Reward:     1200 DONATION COIN.

Doando para nosso servidor você nos ajudar a mante-lo funcionando e ativo, e ainda com isso recebe uma recopença em DONATION COIN, nos valores estipulado abaixo!.


4 REAIS.     Reward:     3 DONATION COIN.

40 REAIS.     Reward:     30 DONATION COIN.

80 REAIS.     Reward:     60 DONATION COIN.

150 REAIS.     Reward:     120 DONATION COIN.

200 REAIS.     Reward:     160 DONATION COIN.

400 REAIS.     Reward:     380 DONATION COIN.

Itau Codigo do banco: 341

Agencia 7419

Conta Corrente 19967-9

Ailton Euzebio da Rocha

skype: live:l2advanced15x

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Paypal payments

April 30, 2018

Because of various issues with PayPal's security policy, we will be removing this payment option from our site. Some people have taken advantage of this great failure of Paypal to carry out fraud against our terms.

Donations will only be accepted via PagSeguro, since they have a firmer policy to avoid fraud on both sides. Until we find another site that works with credit card payments and international payments and has a flawless security policy to prevent fraud, Pagseguro will be the only means of payment available on our panel.

I apologize if this comes to harm anyone, but this is our only option at the moment.

If you want to donate from outside Brazil send an email to which we will inform how to donate