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Lineage® II L2Amalur High Five Has Evolved!
Journey through the transformed lands of Lineage II toward your own destiny and prevail. The Chaotic Throne

Not the sale of items such as weapons, jewelry and armor. Donate Coin is used only in the purchase of services such as Premium Account and purchase of accessories runes and potions. We have a betting system in the game of your NCoin that can result in receiving prizes! ®Lineage II L2Amalur High Five


Price in Euro or Dollar

2 Donate Coin Price: 1 Euro
20 Donate Coin Price: 10 Euro
30 Donate Coin Price: 15 Euro
70 Donate Coin Price: 30 Euro
155 Donate Coin Price: 60 Euro
360 Donate Coin Price: 120 Euro

PayPal e-mail tonyfogo@hotmail.com


Preço em reais

2 Donate Coin Price: 4 Reais
20 Donate Coin Price: 40 Reais
30 Donate Coin Price: 60 Reais
70 Donate Coin Price: 120 Reais
155 Donate Coin Price: 240 Reais
360 Donate Coin Price: 480 Reais
.  Banco Itau Codigo: 341 Agencia:7419 C/Poupanca:19967-9/500 Favorecido: Ailton Euzebio da Rocha
Banco Do Brasil Codigo: 001 Agencia:3130-5 Conta:51.154-4 Favorecida: Lois Da Silva Souza
Caixa Economica Agencia:2146 C/Poupanca:013 00007041-8 Favorecido: Vantuil Moreira Rocha

To Confirm your Donate send an email to l2amalur@gmail.com Containing Value, Date, Time and Name of the Character!
It takes 1 to 3 days to confirm your donation, we do not advance amounts without confirmation!
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