About the server L2 Advanced is a Mid Rate server, so it has some features, such as Rates, Settings, Npcs, Modified and Differentiated Areas and Drops. We provide some of this information here


  • Rates                          Configs.
  • EXP: 25x                       Bufff 2H
  • Party: 2x                          Normal.28+4
  • Quest: 4x                         Songs.12
  • Adena: 25x                       Max Enchant Oly.+6
  • Drop: 10x                          Sub-Classe acumulativa.  OFF
  • Spoil: 10x                          Auto Learn Skill.       ON
  • Enchant Rate: 60%.                     Champions System.   ON
  • Enchant Safe: +3                      Blessed Scroll chance.65%
  • Enchant Max: +12                      Craft Found.3%
  • Manor: 10x.                        System Vip:ON
  • Raid Boss: 10x                      Elemental Max. Level.7
  • Elemental Chance : Stone:50% - Crystal:30%

  • Other features

    Are they:

    Global Gatekeeper

    Teleport for all areas the World Adavanced.

    GM Shop

    Selling sets and Weapons No-Grade to B-Grade .

    Community Board Alt+B

    Quick access to GM-Shop, Buffer, GK Global, Data Base, Events and RadBoss Teleport.

    Raid and Grand Bosses

    All Raid and Grand Bosses in the game no have modified drops and statusr is retail.

    Elementals Atributes and Enchants

    For a longer server life, in L2Advanced the elements are released until level 7 Chances: Stone:50% - Crystal:30%

    Automatic Events

    There are automatic events belt on our server. They are: Last Hero, Territory War, Korea, TvT, CTF and Lucky Chests. Each has a unique and fun way to get involved. Events happen all day long and rewards are given to the winners. In addition, weekly rewards are also given to the best player of each event! To find out more, go to Community Board Alt+B inside the game, or accept auto invitation. Check out the "Events" tab on the Community Board.


    In our server a simple command to pvp area, use .pvp and have fun.

    Olympiads Anti-Feed

    Based on complaints from players, we have developed this system, which is to avoid corruption by players in the Olympiads, and to have it competitively fair. This system basically consists of hiding information and accessories from your character to the watcher and to your opponent, being shown only the name of your class, armor and weapon. Players Chat is also blocked. In other words, nobody knows who you're fighting with. In addition, fights are grouped according to players' points, so that a very high scoring player does not compete with a very low scoring player.